Tuesday, October 05, 2004

windsor knots and theatrical events

A friend noted that for the first debate, Kerry wore his tie in a full Windsor knot, but Bush opted for the half-Windsor. I predict full Windsors on Cheney (yellow tie) and Edwards (red tie) tonight. Whatever else you might read, no one, not even Fox or the NY Times, will have the courage to make such a prediction.

I know why I'm excited about tonight's debate; it's because I really can't stand Cheney.

Now, before I get flamed by anyone who happens to drop by, I do not mean this in the "I am a pinhead (GWB's word) who is unpatriotic and should just put a towel over my head and move to Iraq" sense, nor in the "my God, if I went up in flames there's not a living soul who'd pee on me to put the flame out" sense. (Line cribbed from The Lion in Winter.)

My dislike for Cheney can be likened to my dislike for pork chops, the novels of Thomas Hardy, the color orange, and the hymn "On Eagle's Wings." I know that many other people very much enjoy some or all of these items, find them powerful, moving and meaningful, and more happiness to them. All five set my teeth on edge. Cheney has been very helpful to Bush in helping him formulate vision and policy, and whatever I may think of the result, I do not deny or dispute his importance and value to this administration; nonetheless, as a person, I can't stand him.

I know next to nothing about Edwards, except what I've read in People. I'm hopeful that he'll catch Cheney off-guard and create some TV worth watching, if for no reason other than to inform my later viewing of the Daily Show.

Words Written: zero - this is not good
Lessons Graded: a bushel and a peck


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand American politics at all. How could anyone suggest that dislike for any particular politician equates to being unpatriotic? That'd never happen in the UK. Mind you, patriotism is seriously frowned upon here anyway. lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign my earlier comment.

lemming said...

Steven - post 9/11, a great many people consider it unpatriotic to question or second-guess anyone in the adminsitration. This baffles and worries me, but that's another post.

Anonymous said...

One reason I'm happy that Brother #3 is a veteran (in addition to: "because he's no longer getting shot at") is that whenever someone makes comments about "northeastern liberal blah-blah-blah" I can preempt them with: "Actually, my brother was in Afghanistan and Fallujah, so lose the tone, you supercilious weasel." (That's the subtext - I generally phrase it in a more ladylike manner.)

Not that this happens on a daily basis, here in Boston.


Joe said...

As it happens, "On Eagle's Wings" both sets my teeth on edge and, on occasion, makes me weep like a child.

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