Saturday, October 30, 2004

history teachers and elephants

"Dear Mizz Lemming, You probably don't remember me, but..."

Like hell I don't. Your essays were such fun to read, and took ages to comment upon because your work was so good. I wrote you letters of rec for grad school and when I looked at the copy of your transcript, I almost fainted. You should have been writing letters for me. As matter of fact, you did, and your words were quoted the last time I won a teaching award.

"You were right. The first year of grad school was horrible, but it did get better this year and I even started to have fun."

Yes indeed - this applies to many things in life, but grad school in particular. Struggle on, but look for the fun. I thought you knew this already? Wow.

"Anyway, I felt that I should pray for you, but didn't know what you needed. How are your hands doing?"

(lemming gets teary-eyed)

Words Written: nine hundred and thirty-eight (ouch! ouch!)
Lessons Graded: five


Tippecanoe said...

I have a really tough time remembering my students. After six years of teaching the same two classes, they all kind of blur together.

John B. said...

Like my Dad (a former teacher) always says after he gets a letter or phone call from a former student:

"Stuff like that makes up for all of the years of low pay I received as a teacher".

Anonymous said...

About your note in my diary: That picture is from The Chase. Or rather it's a publicity pic relating to it (or just the 3 actors having a bit of fun). Dracula and the monster are robots in a fairground haunted house which the TARDIS lands in. :)