Thursday, October 21, 2004

so tree is a leaf

Driving North on 31, there's a billboard with a large picture of a young man in a military uniform. As I'm usually looking at the road when I drive, I haven't seen all of the text, but the message is something along the lines of "John Smith, now a Soldier in the House of the Lord." The bottom has his dates of birth and death, 1980-2000.

The other day it hit me. I remember 1980. Not just little bits and pieces, which is what I remember of the Ford Administration, but quite a bit. I also remember 2001.

During the last three presidential campaigns, candidates used the stories of individuals to illustrate their larger points. That hasn't happened as much this time around, for which I am truly grateful, but it does remove the "these are individuals" element.

Greg at 465 has a great piece about not making it into the army, funnily enough in the year 2000.

Words Written: four hundred and twelve
Lessons Graded: fifteen


Anonymous said...

I remember 1980 also. I was only 5 or 6 years old but the change from writing the date as 1979 to writing it as 1980 seemed almost magical.

Anonymous said...

I remember 1980 very well. Being 12, it was the year that marked the dividing line between "childhood" and "whatever comes next." It was also the year that I heard my first song by The Clash. Guess it was all downhill from there...