Monday, October 18, 2004

one's every anything so

Just once, I'd like a news story to begin with the words, "The Presidential candidates were campaigning today in Alaska..." I know Florida is a swing state. I remember what happened in 2000. Nonetheless, I'd like to hear that they're visiting a state, any state, that isn't Florida. Do you suppose Alaska and Hawaii get any campaign visits? Even Indiana gets a few quick stops, if only for fund-raising purposes.

Mme Q claims to lurk on this site, waiting for me to join the crew of folks posting poetry. This is tricky, as I'm a very literal person, and I'm keenly aware that as such I don't bring the "right mind-set" to the table. It's far more likely that I'll have a few lines run through my head than an entire piece, except perhaps for the William Carlos Williams piece about plums. I went on a big T.S. Eliot kick a month or so ago, but more for the power and skill of the language than in a deeper search for meaning. I promise, Q, I'll think about it.

By the way, thanks to all who responded to my musing on the correct spelling of Rhinoceros. Who says blogging can't be educational?

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: ten


Joe said...

As a matter of fact, I believe there is a story about "the President began his day campaigning in Alaska." In fact, said President made a serious (possibly successful?) run at campaigning in all 50 states. That airplane is a pretty cool device, if you want to reach a lot of people.

Sadly, this also may have been the first President to really understand how bad jetlag makes you look. And how you ought to listen to the nice television people when they say that a little foundation and blush makes you look a lot less like a paranoid liar.

So why don't people campaign in Alaska? Because Nixon wouldn't have looked like death on toast in that debate if he'd stayed in the Lower 48.

Editor B said...

They'd campaign everywhere if we had a direct democracy. Abolish the electoral college!