Saturday, October 23, 2004

time's winged chariot

No post yesterday, as I was writing up to the last minute in preparation for a meeting with my advisor (may he live forever.) I'm really enjoying this chapter, and the pieces are starting to come together. I'm hoping to get the revised chapter back to him by Halloween.

The mantra about his health really is something that runs in my head. I lost my first advisor to an unexpected and early death several years back, and if my present advisor (may he live forever) dies, I cannot replace him, and the PhD process will end. While scribbling down as much as I can of what he says, I do notice that I'm scanning his face for any signs of ill health or misery. He seems fine, by the way, so I'm not terribly worried.

Yesterday was an ideal day to be on a college or university campus - the kind of fall foliage and perfectly crisp weather upon which admissions officers and alumni affairs rely. My undergraduate alma mater is impossibly beautiful at all seasons. Walking through the big university, clutching a perfect cup of coffee, with my healthy advisor's praise and suggestions running through my head, leaves circling on a light wind, was almost as good as being back there.

Words Written: oops - I forgot to count. Honestly!
Lessons Graded: zero


Joe said...

"My undergraduate alma mater is impossibly beautiful at all seasons."

Someone has forgotten the cold, grey, muddy, grey, oppressive, grey, set for a Samuel Beckett play which is her alma mater during the endless month of February.

But perhaps "Purgatory" is not a season, and the other 11 months really are quite magnificent...

lemming said...

(chuckle) Admissions and alumni affairs depend upon forgetfulness, too!

Actually, I rather liked February, though it wasn't my favorite month. Snow is great fun and very pretty when you don't have to shovel it.