Monday, September 01, 2008

just a casual little dinner

Unless one dines exclusively at little bistros, or only at places where the staff know you by name, everyone occasionally goes through the wonderful process of trying to find the person whom you've arranged to meet for a meal.

This dinner meeting lends new meaning to the idea of meeting for drinks and a quick bite - and it's a lovely story.

Sam stopped halfway through his breakfast on Friday and employed his "stare of death" out the window. I opened the door and he went barreling out across the yard, all the way to the far corner of the fence at top speed. The threat merited only one bark, but required a good ten minutes of solid staring before he came back in to finish breakfast. Terrific to see him barrel again - it's been a while.


John said...

Wasn't that great... and lucky for Roz, it seems.

My Bruno has just had "the op", and after a couple of days of moping, did his own "barrel of death" again today. Typically,at a van full of Welsh Border Collies. No idea of his own limitations, that dog... (he's a Bichon Frise)

Is Sam on medication yet, or did he manage this without?

lemming said...

No meds yet - visit scheduled for Thursday.