Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mediocre meme

Harriet has tagged me. According to her, this meme is to celebrate five utterly mediocre aspects of yourself. Since Harriet almost certainly has blackmail-worthy material on me stored away somewhere, I dare not disregard her tag.

This actually strikes me as kind of funny - I strongly suspect that my five mediocre aspects would be highly interesting to someone else, and boring to another. Anyway, here goes -

1) As Harriet once observed, very kindly, I cannot read music. I wish that I could.

2) I go out of my way to avoid using pink post-it notes.

3) Without post-it notes, I would never get anything done.

4) I really hate it when people use "it's" thinking that it's the possessive tense. "Its" is possessive and "it's" means "it is."

5) Purple is my favorite color.


John said...

Mediocre.... I don't know,really.. probably my mind is too mediocre to think of any, and then my spelling too mediocre to set them down correctly, and my powers of concentration too mediocre to be bothered, and my memory too mediocre to remember anyway, and my typing skills too mediocre to have time to write them out...

Best not bother, I think...

Jeanne said...

So what have you got against pink post-its?