Friday, September 26, 2008

will you won't you, will you won't you, will you come and join the dance?

I decided a few months back to skip the debates. Four years ago I just about made it through by removing heavy objects from the room so that I would only be tempted to throw pillows and such at the television. (Yes, I did end up throwing a pillow at one point, but that's another saga for another post.) Whether I switched on a rerun of Scrubs or just went to bed early, I really hadn't decided, but I wanted no part of anything having to do with the debates.

McCain has now done the impossible. By adding the "will he/ won't he" element to simply showing up (!!!) I'm now actually interested in the debate tonight.

A good friend treats presidential debates on a points system. In 2004, points were awarded for everything from having the better tie to making a stronger point, and deducted for every time the candidate mentioned their family's sufferings and their personal relationship with you know who. Every candidate, and the moderator, always started off with 50 points for simply having shown up. I am intrigued to see how this year shapes up.


tommyspoon said...

The subversive part of me wants Obama to debate a cardboard cutout of John McCain -- the most straight talk we'll get all Fall, I imagine!

But there will probably be a debate tonight. A boring, lackluster, civil spectacle when what we really need is an evening of fire and brimstone.

bekkieann said...

Do update us on the outcome of the pointkeeping.

We have truly leapt "Through the Looking Glass", haven't we.

Jeanne said...

As usual, I heart Andy for dovetailing the two topics of the day, bailouts and the debates:

Mare Imbrium said...

I too have been resolutely opting out of the debates, and making art instead.

Currently babysitting a couple of Dogs, and remembering why I own a Cat, but that's me digressing again.

Did you see the Letterman -- McCain debacle? OUCH. That just ... oh, McCain, you want to run foreign policy and you can't even be smarter than that? And our only other choice is a smoke-and-mirrors socialist who sounds really good but leaves me with absolutely nothing of substance?

I think I'll stick my head back in the sand now.

And, oh yes, is there a way to follow/subscribe to this blog of yours?

tommyspoon said...

"...smoke-and-mirrors socialist..."

And this is bad, how, exactly? Because rampant capitalism has worked out so WELL for us so far, hasn't it?

marthaberry said...

This has naught to do with politics, but the title of this entry makes me think of a song called Katherine's wedding day. Do you know it? You are the only person I know who might.

Will you, won't you, won't you come along, la la, join the happy throng, la la,
la la, la la, tra-la la la lay