Tuesday, September 16, 2008

of dogs and lipstick

I want to thank everyone who has expressed concern about Sam - it has meant a lot to me that people understand how much he means to me and what joy I take in his return to "being himself." When my previous dog was hit by a car, a couple of people said, "oh, get over it, he was just a dog." I now know that the meds have really kicked in, because Sam is back to taking up 90% of any surface upon which I try to sleep.

I am slowly reconciling myself to the great likelihood that Sarah Palin will be the factor which pushes McCain over the top and into the White House. Being a liberal in Indiana means a certain amount of steeling yourself every time you enter the voting booth, and I have always known that my Obama vote would not be enough for him to carry this state. I had hoped that the rest of the nation would correct for this.

P.S. There's nothing like losing electricity for 36 hours to make me really grateful for it. Then I think of Galveston and Houston and I feel like a coward.


tommyspoon said...


1. Glad Sam is feeling better.
2. Glad that you have electricity.
3. Take a deep breath and calm down. You've obviously been taking the daily poll numbers way too seriously.


John said...

Also glad Sam is feeling better, and that you can switch the light on again to see how much better he is...

As for La Barracuda - nothing's over 'till its over. there's still time for folk to suss her out.

SallyB said...

So sorry about your dog. As a lifelong animal lover, I know how very "human" they can be, not to mention how much a part of the family they become. I'm glad to hear that he's recovering well. I know how reassuring this can be to anyone who's ever been "owned" by their pet.

As for Obama, I'm with you - the poll numbers make me very nervous. Yes, NE Ohio here where I live is a bastion of Democrats and liberals, but once you cross US 40 that runs right through the center of our state and head south, you may as well be in a different state. Culturally, they are. NE Ohio was settled by liberal New Englanders. Southern Ohio used to belong to Virginia (the old Virginia Military District before we became a state in 1803). Southern Ohio has maintained its strong conservative Virginia cultural sensibilities. They don't like "coloreds" and foreigners down there. They're bible beaters who are suspicious of liberals.

So while Northern Ohio will probably go Democratic, Southern Ohio has always managed to deliver for Republicans and conservatives. We're a deeply divided state culturally and politically, which is why we are seen as the traditional "battleground" state that we're considered by pundits, reporters and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Greatly relieved by the good news of Sam's progress.

Delighted that you have been "lighted."

Filled with despair by the news broadcasts--except for the announced discovery of the LONGEST prime number. How about 12.9 million digits,filling something in excess of 3000 pages.

Jeanne said...

Yes, you should feel lucky that you've already gotten power back!