Friday, September 05, 2008


Mistress - mistress, I do not like this place. We will now leave the room, get back in the car and go home.
Good dog, Sam, good dog.
Mistress, you're not paying attention. We will now leave the room, get in the car and go home.
Good dog, Sam, good dog.

Mistress, you do not seem to understand who that lady is. We will now leave this room, get in the car and go home.
I think Sam may have arthritis - could you give him an exam and see if we can help him?
Mistress, do you see what she's doing? Ouch! Ouch! Hey, don't touch me there! Mistress! Do something!
You'd like me to leave the room while you draw some blood? OK.
Mistress! Take me with you! We can get in the car and -

Official diagnosis of arthritis - and the very kind vet assured me that everything else looks good, so pain meds may be all that Sam needs to continue herding squirrels and protecting me from the vicious cat next door. I started Sam on his pills last night and as soon as his bloodwork comes back, the vet will send me a three month supply. Thus far he's taking the pills without problems: fingers crossed. Now to see if they help.


John said...

Great news....sounds as if Sam may be around and active for a long time yet. I've only ever had one dog who actually seemed to like visiting the vet. That's one of my present ones, young Bruno. And I think he only likes it because of the opportunity it gives him to yell abuse at other dogs. Preferably ones four times bigger than him.

tommyspoon said...

I am sending Sam all the good thoughts I can.

Jeanne said...

I'll be you'll see a big difference with the pain meds. There's nothing like arthritis pain to make someone act cranky.

itsmecissy said...

Good thoughts from me too. Sam, you be a good boy and take that medicine!

Maddy said...

You must be very astute to have figured that out.
Best wishes