Thursday, August 28, 2008

ouch, ouch, ouch

A friend is in training to be some sort of massage therapist. He needs people upon whom to practice and my back was a bit sore, so I volunteered.

The technique was a new one to me, but not unpleasant - it has something to so with muscle layers and activating muscles which aren't doing their job. Most of it was fine and actually quite interesting - until we got to my ribs. Something about moving the muscles in the ribs made my knees feel terrific and I could feel my lower back relaxing... and then he got to rib #9. OUCH!

I often go months without thinking about my ribs - but two days later, rib #9 aches and aches and aches. If ever I volunteer again, rib #9 is strictly off limits. On the other hand, my back and knees still feel terrific.

I did finally knuckle under and make the phone call to the vet. The technician with whom I spoke asked all sorts of questions about why I thought Sam might have arthritis (good) and about his daily activities. I've been keeping a casual log of his activities and limitations, which helped. At the end, the tech warned me that X-Rays and blood-work would be required, and was I prepared for the additional expense? Damn straight I am; this is Sam we're talking about.


John said...

Sounds a bit ike the effects of my first encounter with Tai Chi, Lemming. Defnitely aching in all sorts of places afterwards (and I tend to thin of myself as fairly fit -belting around the village at what the Vikings called "the wolf lope" six time a day with my dogs).. Second time it was quite a bit bettr, though, and certainly seemed to get the blood flowing.

Soundas about par for the course re Sam's treatment. The fact that the vet is going to carry out these tests is good.

My dog "Bruno" (Aka "Dr Brunowski")is off for the Big Snip tomorrow. He's twelve months old now, and I had thought of breeding with him, but he's far too excitable to use for that.

Maybe the op. will calm him down a bit. Though I ain't holding my breath....He may well be, after the op, though.....

Musicbreath said...

I've always wanted a massage, but now I'm not so sure after your experience. Plus, what if you're lying there and you suddenly become gassy? So much for relaxing. ;o)

But someday I'll get the spa treatment, even at the risk of a little discomfort. Everyone needs pampering once in awhile. Time to start saving.

Ron Griggs said...

One of the best massages I ever had was a scalp massage given by a college friend, Brad. It was fabulous--stimulating and relaxing at the same time. I actually felt smarter after.

Sometime later in his freshman year, upper class students snatched Brad from his dorm room and chained him to a lamp post, passing the chain through his underwear so he would have to run home naked. They did it because he was a bit obnoxious, but mostly because he was gay. Brad didn't finish, at least at that school.

So I associate massages with a sort of far off sadness.

Jason266 said...

Maybe Sam could use a massage too? Does your friend do canine treatments?