Monday, May 01, 2006

draft post

The miracle has happened. I made it through an entire George W. Bush speech without cringing, making snide asides or throwing something at the television or radio.

All right, so it was his speech to the White House Press dinner and not anything on policy. I did appriciate GWB's willingness to laugh at his problems with pronunciation and ability to joke about Cheney. If you happen to find it on the web (I think CNN has clips) or catch it on C-SPAN, it's very good. I like Colbert's piece too, though watching it you remember that he's trained in drama, rather than as a stand-up. It's thanks to Colbert and Jon Stewart that I have any idea what's going on in the world. (All right, I do exagerate a tad, but it's partially true.)

I'm slowly resuming all of the quasi-normal activities that I dropped in the interests of "graduating" this May. Sam and I go for long walks. I've read a lot of fiction, much of it books I remember loving when I was younger (The Borrowers series, for example) and found that I still love them. I spent much of one morning just watchng fun DVDs, couldn't tell you when I last did that. I've even gone back to eating regular meals and cut back on my caffeine.

In short, by starting to get back to myself, I've started to feel far happier, less stressed, and I've even lost five and a half pounds.

Words Written: free-lance work
Lessons Graded: thirty-nine


John B. said...

You need a camper

Ron said...

I hope you've discovered all the Borrowers books--5 novels, I think, plus some short pieces. If not, I'll send them to you.

Bartleby said...

A camper might be good. Or maybe a set of golf clubs.