Thursday, May 04, 2006


Lately I've become obsessed with obscure bits of Medieval geneology. While rearranging books on my office, I found a huge family tree of monarchs (etc.) of Great Britain and their affiliates. Spread out on the floor, (how better to study a family tree?) I pore over it, looking for the connection between Edmund of Langley and Bonnie Price Charlie.

Yes, I am a sick and twisted person. This kind of work and research pleases and excites me. Were this enough to qualify me for a PhD in history you would not have to read this entry. Alas and alack.

(Not that you're forced to read anything, you understand.)

I'm interested to see which kings merited princesses and which married illegitimate princesses - Llywelyn for example.

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Rob said...

When we were picking names for our son Moose (not his real name!), we used one of those books filled with choices of names and their meanings. One of the boy names we encountered was Plantagenet. I'm not kidding.

Can you imagine? "This is my son, Plantagenet." Or as an adult, he would answer his office phone with a simple, "Plantagenet."

Just sort of struck me as silly that a name for a family tree would actually be somebody's given name!

Sorry for the rather random comment.