Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hello world! Hope you're all well.

On occasion I do free-lance work to supplement the "lemming foundation of research into dead people" budget. My editor is a PITA but we get on well and have a comfortable relationship. I wouldn't want this editor at my bedside were I dying, but we get on well. I can respect the sense of history and context that my editor has and he/she seems to respect my experience.

Said editor had planned to attend my graduation. I've learned that a group from church had made similiar plans. (sighs)

Meanwhile it's the end of the semester, so I am grading quickly and wishing everyone the best. I do believe in my students, but the proccess of writing letters of rec are enough to make anyone a cynic.

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Don said...

Oh, my dear. I'm sure thinking about you. Probably best that I don't ever meet your advisors in person.