Thursday, May 18, 2006

maybe I'm amazed

As an avid reader of People magazine, I like to think that I am reasonably informed about celebrity gossip, even if I am not entirely sure about the actual context for the famous person in question. For example, I first heard the Ricky Martin version of "She Bangs" about two weeks ago, but I did know all about the American Idol pop sensation created... even if I hadn't heard that version, either.

When it comes to the Beatles, I am much more of a "George Girl" and that only under duress. Lennon is over-rated and McCartney should have done more (or maybe less) LSD. ("Live and Let Die" anyone??!)

That having been said, I am saddened by the latest divorce news. It cannot be easy to be married to an ex-Beatle, let alone to be an ex-Beatle, and despite my cynicism, I did truly wish them the very best four years ago. (Really!) They seemed like a nice match and ai Love the name Beatrice. I am not surprised to learn that the McCartney marriage has fallen apart. Heather Mills McCartney must have known what a huge mantle she assumed with this marriage. Paul M. knew what he was in for in a pop culture sense. I can only imagine their pain. Unlike Brittney and J. Lo, I can truly wish them the best.

Makes a challenged dissertation seem a small problem. Then again, I could live with (and on) a 1% share of $1 billion.


torporific said...

No prenuptial either. Yikes!

Jason266 said...

I agree with you on the favorite Beatle assessment. Plus, George Harrison never did a duet with Michael Jackson.