Friday, May 26, 2006

one brick at a time

Sorry to have vannished again. The enormity of what happened finally hit me in a big way, and I've spent a lot of time just staring out the window or watching ancient re-runs of Unsolved Mysteries. The "things left undone" are starting to mount up - nothing I can't cope with in a timely fashion, but looking at a pile of projects which need completion probably didn't help my mood.

Then came last night's phone call. I'd applied for an adjunct gig this fall, teaching a class I've done so many times that I genuinely could do it with one hand tied behind my back if awakened at 3 AM even if I'd consumed a large amount of sake the night before. My fingers were crossed, but the flickering hopes were set to splutter. Without getting into specifics, I'll say that it's very clear that the chair liked my C.V., liked what the grapevine had to say about my experience and teaching ability, and that I'm almost certainly going to like my interview next week.

The liklihood of having a structure, at least until the end of 2006, is acting as a buoy. The job isn't yet mine and I'm still sluggish, but the flickers are now flames.

On a different topic, I've blogged before about my truly wonderful and kind neighbor who, mysteriously to me, is part of that 31% of Americans who still approve of the president's job performance. Every now, and again, I try to discuss this with her, not in an attempt to change her views, but out of a desire to understand them.

We had another such conversation this week. Every now and again I think I've caught a glimmer; this time it boiled down to her perception that GWB is a good man, good father and good son. (I didn't point out that this is what the Nixon girls have always maintained about their father.) She couldn't give me any particular reason for this belief, other than the infamous story of Laura Bush insisting that her husband become sober or file for divorce. Basd upon this event and GWB's spiritual embrace, her instinct says that his decisions are right and his judgement sound.


John Good said...

Unfortunately enough, there will probably always be a segment of the population who will beleive what they want to regardless of the evidence presented to them. Any psych majors reading this who can tell us why?

sumo said...

I know people who are staunch Bushies. One of my best friends asks what Bush has done wrong. I try to never discuss politics with him.

To be fair to Nixon, spying on the deomcrats kind of pales by today's standards.

tommyspoon said...

I guess you shouldn't mention the fact that GHWB advised Dubyah that it would be a mistake to occupy Iraq. That doesn't make him a "good son" in my book...

Drewster said...

On the other hand, staring out the window or watching re-runs of, say CSI, sounds good to me right now. Better than the lousy show I am doing where I am told I might not be good enough for a number and cut from it. The number was the only reason I took the show!

None of us are having a good spring are we? Geesh!