Tuesday, May 30, 2006

this, that and the other

I do occasional soul-selling freelance work. My latest editor (upon whom may locusts and plague decend) consistantly doubts my word because it contradicts the Internet. I know what you're thinking - said editor is a good 20 years older than I. I have corrected the same citation four times - The Lighthouses of Belgium was written by Eva Olsson Svenson Kleinsdorf - and said editor keeps visiting the Internet and citing other authors. Today I complained to the editor's boss. I'll probably lose my next contract, but maybe I've made my point. Use books!!

(insert very adult sounding-tone) Ah, Mizz lemming... I see that you have multiple teaching awards (modest blush) and a reputation for enthusiasm when tackling unfamiliar classes. (further modest blush) So all seems to be well on that front. Unless I turn into Giorgi the Shepherd before my interview, I should at least be able to make enough money this fall to cover my student loan payments.

Now please excuse me - I am 80 pages away from the end of the most amazing novel I've read in years. I'll say more tomorrow.


torporific said...

Argh, I wish you would have mentioned the name of the novel

Joe said...

Please Don't Tease The Librarian.