Tuesday, February 22, 2005

kipping on its back

For a few years now, I've ordered nearly all of my books on line. My local bookstore is, shall we say, lacking in academic press titles (hardly a surprise) and when instant availability could be coupled with free and rapid shipping, what wasn't to love?

The shipping is still free, but I notice that "rapid" has evaporated. Of my last three orders, all took at least three weeks to arrive, on items said to be in stock, with a 24 hour turn-around. One order, placed at the end of January, is scheduled to arrive on March 7. Since all of these books are in print, I could have treked to my local tiny mega-store and ordered the tiles... and, I've just learned, waited ten days, plus the two or three days needed for the store to call me, plus a few days for me to find time to get out there.

If this is a plot by the on-line poeple to get me to pay for shipping, or by the mini mega-store to persuade me to shop in person, it's not working.

I've put the brace back on and am forging ahead, but there's still a long way to go toward getting this chapter into anything resembling something I'll let the outside world even skim. It's tempting to add the category "number of books on the floor" to the end of the day's posts.

Words Written: one thousand, four hundred and two (does my name count?)
Lessons Graded: twelve - they're not happy

Books on floor: nine

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Greg said...

I used to see you writing 1,000 words and say, wow, 1000 words in a day? Impossible! I used to be happy with 100 or 200 when working on a paper.

But recently, I started on a paper and didn't want to stop lest I forget my train of thought (I do that a lot), and cranked out 1,652 words in six hours. I was so proud of myself. It was even on a subject I couldn't care less about - broadcast radio. We'll see how I do when I get my grade next monday.

Then, I saw this today and thought, "Damn, and she graded 12 lessons too."

I admire your work ethic and am always a bit disappointed whenever I see

Words Written: Zero

Keep it up!

BTW, what exactly is the topic of this thing you're writing?