Wednesday, February 16, 2005

pining for the fiords

Yesterday the temps hit 66. 66 fer crying out loud, in February. In INDIANA!!! The dog walkers all went round our route in t-shirts and pretended that snow wasn't in last night's forecast.

Well, maybe it did snow, but it's still plenty warm today. This is the kind of weather that makes me miss the days when I commuted on foot, whether on a college campus or through city streets. Everything smells good and some of the braver flowers are coming alive again.

Um, Joe? tell me again that my alma mater is horrible and gray in February? Today seems a perfect day to cross campus while si[ping a diet coke.

Alas, I am indoors, paying pennace for my grading sins. I did e-mail some archivists for assistance at tracking down Ralph and his pals.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: there is nothing like an in-box! nothing in the world...


Joe said...

Tell you... tell you... sputter ack argh sputterYesterday was beautiful, magnificent, an outstanding April day. It was, indeed, an archetypal day to be at your alma mater hungry for any excuse to walk across the campus. Which I did. Many times.

Today it was snowing when I woke up and has been grey and crappy and is not remotely anything which could be called "warm enough" by my MidAtlantic standards.

February in Central Ohio is a lying capricious... grits jaw and has some propriety ...month.

Anonymous said...

Lem, I told Joe a long time ago that February in Ohio is like a jail sentence. He can't say I didn't warn him... ;-)

Oh, and my Norwegian spell-checker came on all of a sudden. It's spelled "fjords". Just lettin' ya know.

Keep up the gradin'!


lemming said...

The Monty Python page a day spelled it fiords. Myself, I woudl have added the j, but myabe it's an ENglish thing?