Thursday, October 16, 2008

saw this coming

Joe the oft-referenced plumber owes back taxes and doesn't, technically, have a valid state license to be a plumber. Please tell me that the election is almost over -


bekkieann said...

The McCain campaign has become a comedy of errors (though not really funny). Perhaps a tragedy of errors. I'm still holding my breath that nothing dramatic happens between now and November 4th. I think the Joe Plumber guy was supposed to be the big debate surprise, but it sort of bombed and now has become laughable.

One Man and his Dogs said...

If there is something messy for McCain to stick his great hoof into, you can rely on him to do it.

I agree that the whole campaign by the Republicans has become little short of a laughing stock

itsmecissy said...

"Joe Six-Pack"
"Say it ain't so Joe!"
"Joe the Plumber"

I'm seeing a pattern here . . . wake me when it's over.

SallyB said...

Joe the Plumber got his 15 minutes of fame, even having the national media camp out on his front door step demanding interviews! They went into a virtual shark feeding frenzy over this guy in typical media fashion, but you can practically guarantee that this time next week, ol' Joe the Plumber will have been forgotten among the clamor of other sound bites and jarring noises spewing from the candidates and the media.

The closer this election gets, the more desperate McCain is sounding, even so far as to try to pin former Weatherman Bill Ayers on to Obama in an effort to make Obama look like a terrorist. Oh, puh-LEEZ, already! Even Sarah Palin has practically accused Obama of being a terrorist, so badly has their campaign devolved into name calling and fear mongering. Most people I know don't care about Bill Ayers, they're more concerned about how to pay their bills, their disappearing 401(k)'s, their shrinking paychecks, their shelling out more and more out of pocket expenses for their health care and their homes steadily losing value.

It's those "kitchen table" issues that most people care about right now, and they don't have to be rocket scientists to know that something is fundamentally WRONG with the economy and more of the same failed Republican free-market, deregulation policies are not going to fix it more make it go away.

Joe the Plumber was a mere momentary distraction who by this time next week will be forgotten as people go on to the next sound bite or instant celebrity.

itsmecissy said...

Joe the Who???????