Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a prediction

Prediction: Obama will carry the popular vote. McCain will carry the Electoral College. Violence will follow.

I'm not saying that I like this prediction, just that too many of my friends, even in liberal bastions such as Massachusetts, adore Palin and think Omaba will look out for "his race" before the rest of us.

On a happier note, only two more weeks and then the election will be over and I can comfortably shoe-horn it into my life as a historical event rather than as a day to day situation. So much easier to bury something unpleasant....

The Electoral College was designed to prevent Americans from being swayed by a personality and to ensure that cooler, leveler, more educated, more affluent white men would be the final voice in choosing a president. Somehow I'm not sure that Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin had this in mind at teh time.


marthaberry said...

Funny how much easier it is to work it into your life than it is to try to decide and listen to all this tit for tat and back and forth.

I left a remark for you on the "will you won't you" entry and it requires an answer. I hope its yes.

One Man and his Dogs said...

I think Obama will get the Electoral College vote as well. Given the likely size of his lead in the popular vote, which whilst probably not be a landslide, but probably clearcut, I think he will be OK..

Though I'm often wrong.... :-(

Joe said...

You might find this heartening:


itsmecissy said...

Obama HAS to win, I've already sent out my Inauguration Party invitations!!!

Seriously, this one's in the bag, no way McSame can win now.

Jeanne said...

I voted today. Then I went and got some campaign signs and stuck them in my front yard. Now I'm just going to sit here humming with my fingers in my ears for a couple of weeks.

itsmecissy said...

Speaking of campaign signs: some low-life stole our "Obama for Prez" right off our front lawn. Man, that sign cost me $10 bucks. What is the world coming to?

Mark my words, come January 20th, we're having one hellava whoopass party (I may have to call in sick the next day, but don't tell my boss).