Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama, their first Democratic candidate ever endorsed for the presidency. The Indianapolis Star editorial board split 4-4 and so didn't endorse anyone. I'm pleased, but I still think McCain will prevail.

At least the election hasn't been dull.

Sam continues to thrive on his meds. He and the terrier next door (confusingly enough, he's names Sammie)spent a good ten minutes racing each other along the sides of the fence this morning, with occasional pauses for competitive peeing. I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

It's a stay at home day for me, so I have opted to wear mis-matched socks. Consider it my moment of rebellion against the conformities of the world... such as letter grades. I've noticed that deans take a dim view of writing "student read the book but obviously did so at 3 AM after doing tequila shots" instead of "C."


One Man and his Dogs said...

Good to know that Sam is continuing to do well.

Nothing wrong with odd socks - I wear them quite often -sometimes deliberately. And the dean has no soul. Though maybe if he/she had a soul, he/she wouldn't be dean...

itsmecissy said...

Just as long as one of the socks is purple (remind me to tell you why when the tequila wears off).

Cheers to Sam & Sammie!

tommyspoon said...

Here are some numbers to cheer you up, Lemming.