Thursday, October 02, 2008

musings on the debate

9:16 PM Palin is kicking Biden. She has studied her 3'5 index cards, and has nailed the folksy charm. If the debate were a drinking game, and I had to drink every time she said "darn" I'd be deeply intoxicated by now.

Biden knows McCain's record better than Palin. She's still nailing him to the wall.


bekkieann said...

I thought she performed like a well-trained circus animal. Memorized answers, talking points, didn't answer the questions she didn't want to answer, asked and answered her own questions. Mugged for the camera use voice inflections that sounded like she was reading to children. Got the facts wrong, but it didn't matter. She delivered, but I didn't buy the performance. It was well acted, but not real.

Jason266 said...

I agree with Bek's. Palin started strong, but wore down over time. She started reading directly from her notes a couple of times. And two questions she didn't have any notes and had to work hard to fake it.

I think Biden started slow but finished strong. The last half hour was all him, in my opinion.

lemming said...

I agree that she came across as a well-trained act - I listened on radio, so I missed all of the winks, reading from notes, etc.

Bekki, I like your line that she was well acted but not real.

Biden was wise to limit his attacks to McCain and leave Palin out of most of it... though I could have sworn he made a joke about bridges to nowhere.

Is it my imagination, or did Palin say "maverick" 10, 000 times and not mention POW once?

itsmecissy said...

I wish I had had drink for every time she said "maverick," I coulda called in sick today!!! (but I'd be home nursing a hangover-lol)