Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Your Whole Master-Plan Depends Upon a Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Tech "Support" People,

You know why you have a job? Because of people like me. If everyone were as computer savvy as you, the position wouldn't be necessary. Getting mad at the people who ask you for assistance (have you looked at your job description lately?) but do not understand a word of jargon is far from helpful, let alone supportive.


The worst of it is that this happened not once but three times this morning, once to me and twice to a student and cced to me. Sheesh. Obviously someone forgot to pass out the drams this morning.

Words Written: (whimpers)
Lessons Graded: five


tommyspoon said...

This is why you rely upon your "friends in the industry". ;-)

So what's your beef?

Joe said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. CCing faculty on snarky messages to students is expressly prohibited on p.136 of the Secret Manual!

torporific said...

Hey, no whimpering!!

sumo said...

Remember these Jimmy Falon SNL skits: Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy? Your post made me want to find a link to one of those skits, but instead I found this website:

It might be a good place to post any computer questions/problems and not have to worry about getting flamed.