Tuesday, March 21, 2006

how's the weather in the Channel?

Having consumed my last box (sigh) of tag-a-longs, I've moved on to thin mints.

Once again, I was fast asleep at 6:00 PM and wide awake (and thus working) at 3 AM.

I've come to the conclusion that while the examples are great and the research outstanding, I'm just never going to understand the general premise of a book I've read and reread off and on since 1996. Ah well - at least the book has large print.

I've buried Green Book so well under other books that now I can't find it.

I realize that this is a fascinating post - sorry!


torporific said...

Thin Mints?! Now it's time to share

tommyspoon said...

Agreed, topo. My Girl Scout Cookie trajectory is from Thin Mints to Tag-a-Longs. But the Thin Mints must be frozen.

Rob said...

Darn, we finished our GS cookies. I could make a batch of brownies for you, though. :-)