Thursday, March 16, 2006

cat herding

I've finally heard from #3. The two dates that my advisor (may he live forever) and #2 (upon whom may light shine) have in common also happen to be dates that #3 has mostly free!

Just wait, with my luck those two dates will be when #4 plans to be in Glasgow by way of Bolivia and has no chance of being on campus or near a phone. This may be the time for lighting a virtual candle to St. Jude.

Back to work!

Update: hurrah for St Jude! #4 actually has time available on both of those days. Amazing! Now to actually pick a time and date. Eeeek - must look into the appropriate Saints' Days, Good Karma Days, birthdays of ex-boyfriends, etc.

1 comment:

Bartleby said...

Way to herd them cats!

I am curious, though, about former boyfriends' birthdays. Are those auspicious days for scheduling a dissertation defense, or the opposite? Or does it depend on the individual former boyfriend?

(Lacking former boyfriends as I do, I'm poorly situated even to guess.)