Monday, March 27, 2006

omens, portents and signs

My horroscope on Friday was a horrorscrope - it announced that I didn't have the time or resources to complete a major project and I should put in the towel. (This probably contributed to my exasperation this weekend.)

Then on Sunday George Mason (a little school) beat UCONN (which even I know is a big school powerhouse) in overtime. This is good.

This morning #2 (upon whom may the sun shine) sent me the absolutely most kind, supportive, helpful and constructive e-mail I've ever recieved and it was all of two sentences long.

When I nipped out to run a quick errand, I passed two very good looking young men, which always brightens my day. Then I noticed that they were #1 wearing backpacks and #2 had chained their bicycles and helmets to a stop sign at the entrance to my neighborhood. I'm a tenured grad student in history, you can't fool me: Mormon missionaries. Ordinarily I'd be happy to talk with them, but today was just not a good day. By the time I got back, the pair were leaving my neighbor's house and missed my car pulling in.

I estimate that I have about 36 hours worth of work left to do, by the time you (or should I say I) figure in correcting the footnotes and updating the appendix. As ever, thanks for all of your support. I look forward to becoming a human being again when this is over.

Words Written: 6000+
Lessons Graded: zero

P.S. Happy Birthday to Andrew.


itsmecissy said...

Oh Lemming, George Mason beating U Conn is not a good thing - I had to throw my "March Madness" bracket in the trash this morning (ROFL)

Anonymous said...

Something else to look forward to when you're done:

PBS (Masterpiece Theater) will be airing an adaptation of "My Family and Other Animals" on Palm Sunday.