Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a sweet little morsel

I quite literally ran into #2 (upon whom may light shine) this morning. After having a good laugh about it and brushing ourselves off, #2 asked if I had a moment. We chatted a bit about the diss and #2 seems quite enthusiastic about getting to read it and willing to be charitable when I have my defense. (Hurrah!)

#2 then said, "Lemming, Ijust wanted to remind you about something." (ulp! This chat seemed to be going so well!) "I'm a tenured professor. I had to write a diss and I've written books. Right now, however, I am on my way to the library to pick out some books. I will be reading them for fun and without any sense of guilt that I should be reading the latest scholarly journal or work in my field. Someday this will happen to you, too."

Sounds good.

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Anonymous said...

How very true. :) You've all that to look forward to.