Wednesday, September 14, 2005

an ordinary morning

Is it just me, or does Jack FM occasionally play Neil Diamond? I could swear that I heard his voice yesterday.

Sam almost caught a cat this morning. I'm not sure who was more surprised. I think he expected the kitten to run and the kitten hadn't met a hostile dog before; she certainly looked surprised.

I've been writing rec letters for former students this morning. Usually these are easy to do, and I can knock off a thoughtful letter in under half an hour. (Someone wrote them for me after all, so I'm mysteriously qualified to write them for others.) Right now I'm struggling with writing a letter for a woman who was an excellent student, but who I didn't really get to know very well in any way other than academic. I hate to fall back upon the usual "great student" platitudes but I suppose they'll have to do.

Words Written: three hundred and six
Lessons Graded: four

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Doug said...

I always felt a little sheepish asking for letters of recommendation for just that reason. I never figured the teacher knew much about me because, as a college student, I rarely talked much to the teacher. I showed up in class much of the time, took the tests, did reasonably well, and that was that.

Probably why I ended up going to the law school at IU -- they didn't require letters of recommendation as part of the application.