Monday, September 12, 2005

of microfilm and mail

Good news: the microfilm (you remember, it was ordered back in March) left the archive at the end of August. The Twenty-fourth, to be exact.

(dance of joy)

Bad news: the library staff at my university have yet to change its status in the card catalouge from "on order" to "being processed."


Yes, yes, I know, materials that will be used by a lowly graduate student are of far less importance than materials that might possibly be used by a professor. I'm still going to request a rush in processing and see if it gets me anywhere.

The grocery store clerk told me that the former director of FEMA had no disaster relief experience and mostly specialized in horses and horse races. Can anyone confirm or deny?

contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says...

Update: ohmigd it's true - and he was asked to resign from the horse gig for doing a terrible job. (Thanks Eileen!)


Anonymous said...

Although he's no longer in charge of relief efforts for Katrina, I think Michael Brown is still, technically, in charge of FEMA.

I just e-mailed you an article summarizing his background.

Short answer: Yes, he had no disaster relief experience. He just had a well-connected college roommate.


Hugh said...

Man: I want to complain. ('Spreaders' who is just inside the door hits man on the head with a mallet) Ooh!
Spreaders: No, no, no, hold your head like this, and then go 'waaagh'! Try it again. (he hits him again)
Man: Waaghh!
Spreaders: Better. Better. But 'waaaaaghh'! 'Waaaagh'! Hold your hands here ...
Man: No!
Spreaders: Now. (hits him)
Man: Waagh!
Spreaders: That's it. That's it. Good.
Man: Stop hitting me!
Spreaders: What?
Man: Stop hitting me.
Spreaders: Stop hitting you?
Man: Yes.
Spreaders: What did you come in here for then?
Man: I came here to complain.
Spreaders: Oh I'm sorry, that's next door. It's being hit on the head lessons in here.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Homeland Security's response (?) to Hurricane Katrina actually made me change my behavior more than The Terrorists ever have (not least because if The Terrorists ever did something rational - like do something to one of the LNG tankers that pass within yards of my harborside office, I wouldn't even be toast; I'd barely be vapor).

FEMA et al. inspired me to revise my budget this past weekend so I could start putting more money into my house account each month: not because I have any intention (or hope) of buying a home in the Boston market for while, but just so I have enough money to take care of myself for a good long while in the event of any emergency.

Although I am fortunate (?) to live in a state with a governor with presidential aspirations, hence the lead story in today's Globe: "MASS. REWORKS DISASTER PLAN".


torporific said...

Confirmed. There is an article on that speculates that he may have lied about his qualifications in general.

And yes, he resigned today from FEMA today.

Joe said...

On another note, I can't imagine a system as big as yours _not_ having a rush processing procedure. The trick is figuring who to ask for it, and how heavy to lay on the "I'd be ever so greatful for your kindness."

Waitaminnit - you ordered the microfilm, and the library is buying them? Nice scam!