Tuesday, September 06, 2005

no end in sight

I continue to marvel at the many breakdowns in bureaucracy associated with Katrina. (I also mourn the insistence that people who have lost everything must also abandon their pets.) I'd no idea that one of the levees had needed repairs for twenty years. Others are blogging better about this than I - Editor B has a link up to a vivid survivor story.

On a lighter note, like Mr. Spoon and TRP I've added comment verification. Nothing like landing three spammed comments in under an hour to make this a good idea. Drewster was also hit this weekend and muses that we need a verb to describe this condition.


Drewster said...

Yes! I think SPAM for the blog should be called SPLOG.

tee hee

torporific said...

I added it too. I had four immediate posts in my gilligan tribute.