Tuesday, August 02, 2005

several updates

Memo to Messrs Bolton and Bush: hop into Air Force One and visit a small American city such as, oh, Indianapolis. Watch while your assistants ask the first hundred people they meet to name a previous American Ambassador to the UN. I predict that few, if any, will be able to name more than three or four. Then ask them what they know about the UN. A little humility here, please, folks...

Shoe update: Despite the furor created by the Women's Lacrosse team at the White House, I opted for the sequined flip-flops.

Writing Update: it's going. I've switched energies around a lot today and yesterday, working on lots of different areas. This doesn't feel productive in the same way that writing 3000 words is productive, but one word plus another plus another will eventually equal done, right?

Words Written: lots of scribbles, wadded up and thrown in the trash can, but also some promising notes alongside the deletions

Books on Floor: thirty-one


Don said...

Hmmm .... interesting quiz question. Name American Ambassadors to the UN...

Kennedy: Adlai Stevenson
Johnson: ? I'm a blank
Nixon: At some point, Daniel Patrick Monihan (Or was he appointed by Ford?)Was Bush the Elder a UN ambassador? During the 70s, he led the delegation to China, was CIA Director, and head of the RNC.
Ford: See above
Carter: Another blank
Reagan: There was a general in here, I think. Or maybe he was also a Bush the Elder appointment. Jeanne Kirkpatrick. She was a scholar, too, distinguished between authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.
Bush the Elder: another blank.
Clinton: Oh, the scholar who everybody thought C. was going to appoint Secretary of State, but whose name escapes me -- he helped negotiate the Serbian-Bosnian treaty in Dayton. Richardson who is now governor of New Mexico. And of course, Madeline Albright.
Bush the younger: Negraponte and former Missori Senator and Episcopalian priest John Danforth.

You're right. It's hard to remember UN ambassadors.

Don said...

Oh, I just remembered this one. Wasn't Arthur Goldberg, a Kennedy appointee to the Supreme Court, appointed by Johnson to be UN Ambassador. That was probably the move that gave Johnson the ability to put Thurgood Marshall on the court.

Gebeleizis said...

Hi! Interesting posts. But I won't name previous UN ambassadors, hehehe. (Also, you have a nice photo).

Toad734 said...

Wasn't he in Indy for the Black Expo?