Monday, August 01, 2005

of shoes - not ships or sealing wax, just shoes

Most of the time, I own three or four pairs of shoes: one for dog walking, one or two for teaching and attending church and a really nice pair for weddings and funerals. Oh yes, and a pair of good winter boots, since dog walking is a year round activity.

Last week I walked into a shoe store last week and purchased three new pairs of shoes. (I'd claim that Green Book is somehow to blame if I could figure out a witty enough way to do it.) I can't remember the last time I owned this many pairs of shoes.

Tonight I am invited to a fancy cocktail party and must actually gasp make a choice!


Anonymous said...

Well, you have 2 feet. The combinations are endless... ;)


John B. said...

Heck Lemming, you are still a good dozen pairs or more behindmy have a lot of catching up to do at the shoe store.

torporific said...

And you're a dozen pairs behind me...Of course, I have as many paris of shoes as my wife does. Yes, I am straight. I really am.