Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Hour (cheers!)

For a variety of reasons that would be far too dull to explain here, I looked up the dictionary definition of the word "posset" this morning. Thanks to my As in 19th Century British Literature, Medieval and Early Modern History, and having read my fair share of romance novels in which possets are used for nefarious purposes, I was confident that the word meant something along the lines of "a soothing and tasty drink, usually served at bedtime and probably containing either alcohol or opium."

Well, at least I was right about the alcohol. My seven inch thick dictionary defines posset as a drink made of hot milk sounds good so far curdled OK, having seen that verb it sounds rather less appealing with ale, wine or the like, often sweetened or spiced. Said word first turns up in the written record in about 1450.

I think I'll stick to sleeping pills.

I had a good writing day on Monday and a wretched one yesterday. Can't yet tell about today.

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torporific said...

Posset sounds like laudanum that tasty alcohol/opium concoction that ruined many writers such as Coleridge, Shelley and Byron. I always thought laudanum would be a cool name for a band.

Anonymous said...

posset always sounds to me as though it's some kind of animal. lol


Rob said...

I could go for a STRAINED posset right about now...