Tuesday, August 30, 2005

more on Katrina

One of the few nice aspects of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina is that this morning Sam and I had perfect dog-walking weather: cooler and with just enough rain to keep the streets reasonably empty. The geriatric golden retriever did go by twice. For some reason she and Sam have never gotten along. Distant sightings make both of them suspicious and up close they bark. I've chatted (all right, yelled) with the golden's owner, and both of our dogs are generally pretty calm and placid; perhaps they're arguing politics.

Speaking of Katrina, Steve Osunsami of ABC news wins my award for "most helpful image" of flooding. A picture flashed of him walking a street in the hours before the hurricane hit, with water up to his ankles. Last night ABC showed a picture of him well up to his thighs in flooding, and S.O. explained that this was as close as he could get to the old location, shown in the background and obviously with water over his head. For a spacially challenged person like me, this is terribly helpful.

He's easy on the eyes, too. (giggle)

Now back to that pile of things to be marked up...

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torporific said...

Hostages, report of dead policeman outside the superdome?, tensions inside the superdome, looting, the national guard coming in...

It sounds worse than it did yesterday.