Saturday, January 19, 2008

what's in a name?

Because the 2008 primaries started, as best I can tell, back in 1988, I have started to fixate on odd details. I live in Indiana, so my primary vote won't count (though I will be voting, on principle if nothing else.) Nonetheless, I feel that I should pay some sort of attention.

The religious angle does not interest me (and I probably know more bout the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints than many journalists who pretend otherwise), I don't worry about divorce, and I long ago left the wars in Iraq and Afganistan in God's hands. Thus what is left for me to obsess about?


More specifically, the candidate eventually elected will be prayed for every Sunday for the next four years. I often read the Prayers of the People at church, and I have noticed that some names ring "more dignified" than others. "Frank, our governor, Mitch, our governor" - I wish them well and wise, but they lack dignity somehow. I never did like praying for "Bill, our president" always preferred "William." George is dignified, but I tend to prefer name of two syllables.

So, where does this leave me, the burned-out voter?

Michael = dignified
Barack = unusual, but passed the two syllable test
John = one syllable, but dignified
Hillary = two syllables
Rudy = two syllables, kind of odd, but can we handle Rudolph?

Not sure how I feel about Mitt.


Rob said...

LOL. I completely agree with you on your name assessment.

Um, but isn't Hillary three syllables? Does that put her above the others? ;-)

itsmecissy said...


Rhymes with Bitt, Fitt, Gitt, Hitt, Iitt, Kitt, Litt, Nitt, Pitt, Sitt, T*** (LOL), Witt, Zitt

OK, so let's make a sentence:

Mitt, the Nitt Witt with a Zitt on his T*** (sorry!), Bitt when McCain likened him to a Liberal Democrat.

I could go on but it's late in the day and I'd need another cup of coffee.

A three syllable name is much better...