Monday, January 21, 2008

living space vs. real estate

Most bathrooms are larger than my office. Many closets are larger than my office. I share my office with another prof. There's room for desks, coats and a chair and then maybe a tight turn around.

Naturally, when another prof demanded a different office space, our was the first one the powers that be came up with as a suitable alternative. Said power of being has an office easily four times the size of mine, and single occupancy.

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harriet said...

So where do you have to go? I mean, how much smaller could it be? Will they perhaps suspend a platform from the ceiling of an out of the way broom closet so you have to work above one another? Or maybe, as in my old office, there will no longer be room for a desk. I had to use a cast-off typing table with a pile of magazines under the broken-off wheel. (OK, they were musicology journals). I did have a baby grand piano, though. But when students came to talk to me, we had to sit on opposite sides of the piano and peer at each other between the legs. It was that or sitting side by side on the piano bench, which didn't look entirely up to the task of holding up the weight of one person, let alone two.