Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I thought so.

Am listening to the news as I write this, and the Archbishop of Canturbury has just released a statement. At base, he's siding with the Africans.


Bearing in mind that the British are far less likely to be practicing church members than the Africans or the Americans... but it's the symbolism that gives his voice clout.


Joe said...

Assuming that this is the same item you heard about on the news, and reading it as an outsider, indeed a member of "a single organisation with a controlling bureaucracy and a universal system of law"...

Well, yes, it does sound like "siding with the Africans." But it also does a remarkably good job of explaining the debate in a way I haven't seen in the U.S. media.

If you grant the point that this is not about specific doctrine but about the process of communion, it strikes an outsider as quite a remarkable managerial document. But that point may be debatable.

John B. said...

If it is any comfort, the Catholic Church is still quite Euro-centric, too.

Never mind that the majority of growthin the Catholic church is in Africa and Central/South America, our new Pope pushes all things European.

Then again, he is from Germany.