Monday, April 10, 2006

I am alone with my sheep

Words Written: zero (ye-haw!)
Lessons Graded: zero (The natives are beyond restless)
Books on Floor: One hundred and eighty-eight
Books on Desk: seven
coffee cups on desk: three
soda cans on desk: four (yes it's SODA and not pop)
Pleasant conversations with my advisor (may he live forever): one

Now I get to bite my nails until I defend, later on in the month. About half of th3 time, faith has kept me going. I am a damned good teacher, if I say so myself, and God is going to make possible what I have failed to do.

The other half of the time I want to hide in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin. I don't know of anyone who failed their orals, but it must happen.

On a more cheerful note, I've spent the past week reading novels and watching TV, two activities in short supply during the last days of the diss. Oh, and did I mention that I have a job teaching summer session? Spending July in a classroom is not my idea of a great time, but it's going to be VERY GOOD for my C.V.

OK, I'm officially back - look out!


Joe said...

We sheep are not alone.

Bartleby said...

Baa-aaaa-aaa! Baa-aaaa-aaa!

Rob said...


Very glad to see you back here! And also am glad you've been relaxing. Congrats on the teaching gig!

torporific said...

I am glad you enjoyed your well-deserved rest.

John B. said...

Keep that faith going and it will serve you well through your oral defenses.

tommyspoon said...

At least you'll be in a classroom! It's good to get out of the house... ;-)

harriet said...

Yay! You'll do great. I actually have witnessed one person failing their orals but you know what? Not one person blamed the student. Everyone blamed the advisor -- it was his fault for letting her defend when she wasn't ready. Apparently, he hadn't read her work or something. In any case, you talk to your advisors, they tell you things. They will tell you if you're not ready. If they haven't, you are ready and you will pass. It's as simple as that.