Tuesday, April 11, 2006

he would have an airplane

Slowly settling into the waiting process, I've realized that I don't have a thing suitable for wearing to my defense. Tempting though it is to shsow up in my favorite history-geek t-shirt, baggy jeans and silly sweatshirt, the wool socks would probably not make an appropriate fashion statement.

I still think it's preposterous that we share atime zone with Maine, but I am grateful for teh extra hour of daylight in the evening. Sam and I can take longer walks and I worry less about rushing him past the hydrants so that we can get home before twilight. Soon it will be too hot to walk in the evenings, and I want to enjoy the time that we have left.

I haven't yet gotten around to putting away any of the books. I've been trying to decide if I should adopt another organizational idea or continue with the old one. The clutter, needledd to say, is enormous. There's a narrow path for me and poor Sam picks his way carefully about, or else settles for a flying leap.


John B. said...

In order to make a bit more room in our back room, I had to cull the herd by one bookcase, carefully chosing the books I wanted to keep and give away. I parted with many outdated hsitory texts from college, outdated books, bestsellers to give away, etc.

There they all sit, probably 100-200 books, on top of my workbench, I can't bear to give up my friends, or, for that matter, lift them all intot he trunk to give them away to charity.

tommyspoon said...

But Indiana has so much in common with Maine... (insert gratuitous insulting remark about the persnickety nature of the local inhabitants here).