Saturday, December 31, 2005

no turning back

I've spent New Year's Eve babysitting.

I've danced the night away.

I've had too much to drink and danced the night away.

I've lit fireworks.

On Y2K I fell into an in-depth discussion over the various physical merits of Tom Brokaw vs. Peter Jennings. No, alcohol was not a factor in this conversation.

During my last pnuemonia bout I went to bed at about 8 PM.

This year? This year I will be curled up on the sofa with a book written by one of the most dense, difficult, dull authors in my field. That is, I find him dense, difficult and dull, not to mention dictionary-driven. Nevertheless, he's a hugly important and revered name in the field and I can no longer procrastinate rereading this 515 page (with teeny-tiny print) doorslab of a classic if I am to get a chapter in the mail by January 4.

Happy New Year to all - please stay safe.


torporific said...

Happy New Year

John B. said...

Happy New Year to you too...may this be the year that the dissertation gods smile upon you.

We in The CPF household almost always spend our NY Eves at home with family. NY Eve is amateur night at the bars, on the streets, etc.

This year the wife and I were invited out to see one of our favorite bands who happened to be in town for NY Eve, but alas the wife is not yet fully surgically recovered, and we decided to stay home.

Hugh said...

Happy New Year as well. I was at work until 10:15, so I stayed up by default after coming home to a sleeping house.