Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day!

Not surprisingly, people tend to give me books for Christmas. Generally they fall into three categories:

1) one book that I start reading right awayand devour before Boxing Day

2) a few books that look really interesting and I'll read at some point in the next year

3) one or two books that I would read if I had nothing else to read, but that really hold very little appeal for me

This year, every book given to me falls into category #1, despote ranging across a great many genres and fields. Happiness, happiness, happiness

(melts in bliss)


John B. said...

You never told us the titles....

Don said...

There was an essay in Sunday's New York Times Book Review that said giving another person a book was like buying underwear for someone.

I always hate to feel ungrateful for getting books that I am not interested in reading, but it is hard to understand the interior passion and interest one may hold for a book, or an author, or a subject. Certainly, such feelings are not completely rational, or do they need to be explained to others.