Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I have yet to hear Mariah Carey sing "All I want For Christmas is You." I am bummed.

I have yet to hear "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas." I am beyond bummed.


P.S. to yesterday's post - I was wrong. (It happens.) The first Jewish community in the colonies was established in Newport in 1654.

P.P.S. I spelled 'hippopotamus' correctly from memory, thank you very much.

Words Written: hope to do some tonight
Lessons Graded: waaaaay too many


John B. said...

I have heard both multiple times around here...and I hope to hear neither again!

Merry Christmas.

Rob said...

Newport, eh? Didn't know that! My relatives came over here to escape Napoleon's army. Yeah, that was a while back.

I'm really glad you spoke up, by the way!!!

Moulton said...

People of Jewish heritage colonized both the Americas and Africa ages ago.

The evidence for this is found both in studies of mitochondrial DNA and cultural artifacts.

Take, for example, Los Lunas NM, near Albuquerque. In a remote site called Hidden Mountain, researchers found an ancient inscription of the Ten Commandments, carved in an obscure paleo-Hebrew alphabet. Called the Los Lunas Decalogue, it clearly demonstrates that some of the early Native Americans brought the Covenant of Moses with them to the New World long before the Europeans arrived.