Thursday, December 15, 2005

is this progress?

It's been horrifically chaotic around here lately.

Ive been reading quite a bit, but not written a lick - too terrifying each time I sit at the computer. I own a very large teddy bear; wonder if I could type with him on my lap?

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: ten
Books on Floor: twenty-two
Books on Desk: seven
Books on Bedroom Floor: fourteen


Bartleby said...

Bartleby: What's got you scared at the computer?

Lemming: Well, if you really must pry ...

Bartleby [in best Cleavon Little voice]: I must, I must!

Is it the size of the task facing you?

lemming said...

B - it's fair to pr on this subject. Thanks for caring enough to ask.

You're right that it's the enormity of the project. It's also how much is riding upon its completion and the sheer amount of years, money and effort that have already been invested in it. It's just not fun anymore, and spending most of my day doing something that's not much fun is, well, frightening and depressing.