Wednesday, December 01, 2004


What do you suppose Charles Lindbergh thought about during his Atlantic crossing? I mean, apart from the obvious "wow!" and "gee, I hope I get home in one piece" and "this is history in the making" he had hours and hours alone in the plane to just think about, well, stuff.

Words Written: two hundred and twenty six
Lessons Graded: twenty-six (tidy, no?)


Anonymous said...


From everything I have read, he fought sleep deprivation and hallucinations from sleep deprivation.

I suspect that he fought those two problems most of all...they probably dominated his thoughts.

John B. said...

anonymous was me...Catholic packer Fan

TeacherRefPoet said...

Man, do I EVER have to pee! --CL

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic, but my e-mail is down.

Re: your carpal tunnel-esque malady has a link to a very positive review of a voice-recognition product called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Unfortunately, it's not for the Mac, but if you had an old PC lying around, you could hook it up to that.