Monday, December 20, 2004

Hand Over the Ben & Jerry's RIGHT NOW

OK, I take it back. I love almost all Christmas Carols, hymns and satirical pieces, but I do not like "Grown-up Christmas List" at all. This morning I heard versions of this song performed by Amy Grant, Barbra Streisand and a duet that sounded like Pebo Bryson and Vanessa Williams, and all of them were ghastly. I understand the song's purpose and premise, but it's still awful.

I've been grading non-stop last night this morning, and can now look at the pile in terms of "what is left to do" rather than "what I have done" which is a terrific feeling. After I turn in my final grades on12/22, I get some time off, for which I am deeply grateful.

I say "non-stop" - Sam has decided that he needs to go outside about once every seventy minutes, Once he gets outside, Sam quickly realizes that it is REALLY COLD today and decides that he'd like to come back inside and warm up - naturally warming up is best done by lying down at my feet, which makes me cold all over again. An hour later he forgets this whole experience, and spends ten minutes telling me that he REALLY REALLY wants to go outside. I've even tried remonstrating with him - "Sam, for a dog who is at least 50% border collie, you're being awfully dim today." No go - it's imperative that he go outside, then foolish that he did so.

Maybe that's where he's hidden my Christmas presents.

Words Written: zero
Lessons Graded: twenty-six left to go (the stragglers are still handing things in)

Oh yes - an F for plagarizing turns out of be a zero after all. (grin)


John B. said...


Our dog Ginger is on steroids now for her ear infection, and she has to 'go' every hour or two...what an ordeal, especially in this weather, as you well know.

She messed in the house, for the first time since puppyhood, and she felt so bad...she just sulked away and hid. I felt so bad...couldn't even yell at her, it was the medicine causing problems.

Joe said...

Way to go, Perfesser! One plagarist down, 5 billion to go.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Yeah! You get that plagiarist and put him/her in place!!! (I got my first of the year just before break.) What the hell...she wanted 59 points just for typing her name? Where does she think she is, Ohio Wesleyan?