Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Food of Choice

Dear Readers,

A query for all of you, however many that may be this week. If on a road trip, seeking lunch, what would be your ideal restaurant choice? Distance is not an object - all choices will be available, there's no problem with lines or making turns againist multiple lanes of traffic.

I am quite fond of Rallys, and noticed today that they have a sign up announcing that they are the official burger (presumably that means burger-makers) of the Indy Colts. The sign does not claim that the players or trainers or refs actually eat Rallyburgers or Big Bufords, but I tend to think too much about such things anyway.

Yours in a Starbucks-driven caffeine haze,

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Anonymous said...

Since my usual goal on a road trip is not to dilly-dally, McDonald's would be my first choice. Even with other options. If I had to pull off the road and stop due to my eyes closing or some such, most likely Arby's, due to the wonderfulness that is the Market Fresh sandwich.


Anonymous said...


As a reasonably well-paid adult with no children, in a city with many excellent restaurants, the only time it ever occurs to me to get a quarter pounder with cheese and fries is in a car. Mmmm.

(And since I STILL haven't gotten around to getting my driver's license, that's pretty infrequently.)


John B. said...

White Castle, hands down.

Sliders make for an interesting remainder of a car ride/trip....for the driver and passengers.

Don said...

Some kind of sandwich place or Boston Market or a fast Chinese restaurant.

Greg said...

Yeah, White Castle is great. A tip: If you're going through the south, where there is little to no onion-grilled goodness, do NOT eat at Krystal, no matter how much their food looks like White Castle, it's nothing like it.

Swankette said...

Burgerville, hands down. (www.burgerville.com) Not only can they get you in and out fairly quickly, but you can get a walla walla sweet onion ring, and a cheeseburger made with Oregon Country Beef and Tillamook Cheese.

Of course, they're only located in Southwestern Washington and Northwestern Oregon, but you said distance is not an issue.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Taco Bell and Subway don't make me sick. Taco Bell if I'm staying in the car, Subway if I need to stretch my legs. I wonder if there are still Stuckey's restaurants/shops in Kansas or Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

I find the Burger King chicken sandwich to be excellent road food. Not too heavy, but satisfying nonetheless.


Joe said...

Subway and Wendy's are my favorites, depending on whether I want something more traditionally fast food or something only marginally slower. (Also depending on whether I want fries or chips.)