Wednesday, January 14, 2009

just staying in touch

Sam is not happy about the drop in temperature. He's confined himself to frequent short trips outside. He would obviously like to spend more time peeing at the fence-line with the dog next door, but I can see him shaking from the cold.

Sorry, I didn't mean this blog to turn into some kind of obsession with my dog, but seeing how much he has aged in the past year has been hard to accept.

Meanwhile, life continues. I seem to have a good crop of students at the moment, which after last spring semester's mess is a definite plus. Some of them even like my jokes and have said so, openly!


Jeanne said...

Um, the "crop" image led me to a "harvest" image.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Santa bring Sam a red coat a few years ago?

itsmecissy said...

Just came in from talking to our next-door neighbor. Yesterday they had to put down their 12 year old "Heinz 57" mix of a dog. "Cece" was a puppy when we first moved in and today she's gone. They buried her this morning in the backyard. My neigbors are heart broken. It's a very sad day here today. Give Sam a bear hug for me.