Monday, August 25, 2008

A Sam update

It's been a long, hot summer, so Sam hasn't taken many trips in the car. Like most dogs, he loves the movement and scenery. Sam has never been one to hang his head out the window, but he does love to watch the world go by. Add to that Sam's obligation to supervise the mistress at all times, and my car's interior is generally covered with a protective layer of fur.

He was excited about taking a short ride to the bank - but I had to boost him in and out of the car; he simply couldn't handle the leap. I think the time has come to talk to the vet about an appointment and some pain management. His quality of life is still high; I am safe from the backyard squirrels and Sam is still more than capable of casting a disdainful glance at the terrier next door.


Anonymous said...

Poor Sam. He's such a nice guy--er-- dog. Do you think he might use a small step stool? It might be hard on his dignity but you could assure him that it's better than being boosted up.

John said...

Step stools and ramps can work very well. I had a local joiner construct such a (folding) ramp for my old dog, though I think you can also buy them from some on-line pet stores.

itsmecissy said...

All of us need a boost up now and then. I've heard they have some promising new meds for elderly animals, hope there's something for Sam to help him feel better.

I do like the ramp/step-stool idea. At PetCo, PetSmart, etc., (those Big Box pet stores) they sell a nice little gadget called Doggie Steps (or something like that) to help our pet children keep their independence & dignity intact.

John said...

"Metacam" was the liquid drug added to food that I was thinking of. Its one of the group known as "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs." Good, At least I found it so with my dog, but has to have breaks in between courses of treatment.

It can be worth combining it with with a protein supplement such as glucosomine. I didn't find this did a lot of good on its own, but if used it can reduce the dose of Metacam or similar. Which has to be good for the dog.

In the UK "Metacam" is only available through a vet. Probably best to check with your vet before using it in any case.