Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dear Students,

You are tired. I am tired. You are about to take four exams - I am about to grade, well, rather a lot more than four. I want to be available and helpful to you. I deliberately do not have any visits to the doctor, dentist, hairdresser or psychic (kidding, but Professor Trelawny would be helpful at the moment) scheduled for this month. I will come ine arly and stay late - but I cannot schedule individually time-convinient exams for each of you. Nor will I reveal secret exam details. You also may not try to make up for your fifteen unexcused abscences by claiming that my "new dress" is nice.

Your exam will cover material you have seen and heard before. The folks who will fail already know that they will fail (15 missed classes will do that.) Go home, get some sleep, and I'll se you tomorrow.

hugs and kisses,
Prof lemming


John B. said...

I'm impressed that you postponed a hairdresser appointment... :)

Dan said...

"The folks who will fail already know that they will fail"

That is so true. I've been on both sides.

Turbo said...

Yes...those Lemming Hairdresser appointments can be almost as time consuming as barber visits for polar bears.

Drewster said...

As someone who managed a B in a history class because I attended and listened while avoiding the reading because I read at a snail's pace and it makes me stir crazy, attending class it defintely the best thing to do.

Jason266 said...

I'm not in your class, but I'm tired too.